Remote Video
System Installation

Why you need Video Surveillance Installers?

Monitored Security Systems provide safety and security to Home, commercial properties, and business locations that do not require the hiring of security staff. CCTV real-time monitoring adds an extra layer to the security of your property by giving audio warnings and ensure immediate action when it detects any intruders.

There are millions of CCTV cameras in the US and the numbers are growing. Secure your business or property with remote video surveillance monitoring services from FDS.

Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

Businesses face many challenges when it comes to protecting their organization, its assets, and its employees. Are you looking to avoid the chances of theft? Looking for a solution that will help you improve the productivity of your employees, resolve internal business disputes and improve safety? Then, you should have our Remote video surveillance monitoring services for your peace of mind.

Immediate action and intrusion identification through comprehensive and highly professional CCTV real-time monitoring, that is how First Digital Surveillance contributes to the safety and security of your organization. Our trained teams monitor your premises and project sites in order to provide supervision of top quality that you would expect from on-site personnel-but much more cost-effectively. Our staff have decades of experience between them in security camera system installation and are up to date with the latest offerings available in the market. We can design the whole security system for your premises & can provide CCTV camera with online monitoring.

Types of Remote Video Surveillance Services We Offer

Our IT security experts can identify and resolve on-site security vulnerabilities at once through the surveillance monitoring system. We also issue real-time alerts and notify local authorities to warn potential intruders when security breaches occur and prevent them from taking anti-social behavior.

There are a lot of CCTV monitoring companies but why choose First Digital Surveillance? FDS is a leading provider of business camera monitoring and residential security monitoring service. With our real-time off-site security camera monitoring software for remote CCTV monitoring services, we can do 24-hour CCTV monitoring to ensure safety at the site. Our team of experts, with a CCTV monitoring station, can provide real surveillance, monitor threats, track intruders, and alert authorities when needed. So, you don’t have to give up any aspect of video surveillance and on-site security, because at a much lower cost you get the same level of protection. Some of the essential services that we offer include.

1) Video Surveillance and Monitoring

We help your organization or store to quickly set up the CCTV real-time monitoring and connect it to a CCTV central monitoring system which will be constantly monitored by a team. Our surveillance team at FDS can also help you set up and manage video observations in public areas. We have trained and qualified people who know all the technical, legal, and ethical parameters of CCTV surveillance. We can monitor suspicious behavior and also respect the privacy of others.

2) Testing, Checks, & Maintenance

First Digital Surveillance 24 hour CCTV monitoring also includes regular testing of facilities to ensure customers are provided with the desired quality monitoring. We check light conditions, camera operations, panning and zooming remote control capabilities, audio levels, signaling strength of the network, and volumetric, motion, and other detection devices. We also implement robust data storage for all recordings as well as ensuring that the surveillance data meets appropriate standards.

3) Quality Control

Our team supervisor head will oversee the CCTV operator’s activities and services who are monitoring surveillance cameras. They also conduct regular and unplanned audits to ensure that performance remains at the highest possible level. These processes help ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

4) CCTV Monitoring Document

For future use, each event observed on CCTV is documented, and a report is generated. Our team ensures that the report includes various details such as the camera used, the zone, the time stamp, and any other relevant information that CCTV collects. This helps keep track of movement and can be extremely helpful in resolving disputes and assisting in investigations.

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Our Monitored Security Systems Are Often Used to Monitor

  • Private Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Construction Sites
  • Factories
  • Parking Areas
  • Warehouses
  • Vacant Properties
  • Mobile Towers
  • Enterprises

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