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Having an intercom makes life a lot easier at the workplace or even at home. You can make sure you stay safe and open the entrance for people after checking who they are. At First Digital Surveillance, we like to make to make sure that you get the bang out of your buck.

What is an Intercom?

A telecommunication device, also known as a door phone or a talkback phone, used for voice communication purposes is an intercom. You can find this standalone device within a building or a group of buildings that has enabled two-way communication. This electronic device is comprised of a circuit that helps in the transmission and receiving of audio and video signals. It allows the voice of a person speaking in a microphone to be reachable and heard in a different room by a speaker.

Styles & Designs of Intercom

Intercom devices are available in a variety of styles & designs. Some of the styles are quite simple and easy to use while others can be complicated. Moreover, you can design special intercom devices for specific functionalities.

Different types of intercom include audio intercom, video intercom, multi-tenant, and easy to integrate intercoms. Other than these, a wide variety of intercom systems is available, which are as follow:

Wireless Intercoms

A wireless system is used in such applications where wires cannot be installed. A wide variety of these wireless intercoms are available that enable two-way communication such as wireless outdoor callboxes and handheld radios. The technology installed in these devices estimates the range of units it will transmit.

Video Intercoms

Video intercoms are the systems that have a camera, speaker, and a push-button installed at an entrance door, which can communicate with the internal monitor. The installation of the systems with multiple video monitors is internal. These video systems are mostly wired because the transmission of video through air signals at much distance and without interference is quite difficult.

Apartment Intercoms

In apartment intercom systems, there is a unit comprising of a camera and a speaker installed at an entrance door, which can communicate with all the units installed in each of the flat or apartment. The unit within the apartment allows the people to talk to the door and see the visitor. Moreover, the visitor pushes the right button for the apartment they want to get to and then the tenant presses the unlock button after speaking or watching on the monitor, for the visitor to come in.

Two-Way Radios

These are not the intercoms technically; instead, they are capable to communicate with the intercoms at the base station. Therefore, you have the advantage of a mobile radio, which can communicate, over long distances.