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NVR Security System

HD NVR is a security camera system responsible for the recording of videos. The term NVR stands for “Network Video Recorder.” Their way of processing the video data is different from the other systems, in which they encode and process the video data firstly at the camera. The encoded data then goes to the NVR recorder, which can be stored or used for remote viewing. NVR systems can be wired or wireless systems with IP cameras.

These security camera systems come with the updated and latest technology incorporated into them. This provides high-quality and feature-rich video results. Another term often used for these cameras is POE security camera systems and are more flexible and complicated than other camera systems.

Components of the HD IP NVRS Security System

Here is a brief of the components of the NVR security system to guide you.

IP Cameras

The cameras used in NVR systems are more robust as they have to handle and process the video data. They use IP cameras, which are standalone devices to capture images. Each IP camera has a chipset that is capable to process the video data. Moreover, these cameras can record and send both audio and video, to the recorder. Being more robust, they have powerful hardware, which increases their efficiency by enabling video analytics and smart functionality.

Ethernet Cable

These HD-IPNVRS security systems connect the camera to the recorder in an entirely different way, as compared to other systems. They used the standard Ethernet cables such as cat5e and cat6 for the connection and transmission of data from the camera to the recorder. Many professionals suggest the use of these Ethernet cables because of several advantages they provide:

These cables are cheaper as compared to coaxial cables and are very commonly available. As the name indicates, POE (Power over Ethernet) enables to capture of audio, video, and power the camera using only one cable.


The recorder used in HD-IPNVRS is not for processing the video data as in the case of the DVR security system. The video data processing happens in the camera, which then goes to the recorder. The function of the NVR recorders is to store the data and view the footage.

Video quality is much better as the NVR camera sends a pure digital signal to the recorder. Thus, NVR security systems provide reliable data with improved picture quality, increased flexibility, simple installation, and the benefit to record audio with cameras having microphones.

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