Door Access Control System Service in Los Angeles, Ca

Who Needs Door Access Control Systems?

There are many commercial buildings, residential areas, showrooms, stores, and offices that required security control solutions to protect their business from Intruders or prevent people from entering their properties.

Every business owner should make sure that there are security measures in place to protect their employee and their business. We provide access control services range from single door to multi-door-based solutions. Whether they are key-less door entry systems or keypad-based. We have all the expertise and equipment you need. If you looking for access control service call now at (301) 901-4954 for a free quote.

Benefits Of Having Door Access Control System

  • Providing time and attendance of employees
  • Eliminating distribution of keys to your building
  • Auditing of employees access to controlled areas
  • Providing photo ID badges for employees and visitors
  • Integrating seamlessly with video, communication, and security solutions
  • Helping mitigate workplace violence by quickly “locking down” your building

No matter the size, nature, or complexity of your business, we can provide an access control solution that will give you computerized control of:

  • Building lobby and office doors
  • LAN rooms
  • Elevators
  • High value/drug storage areas
  • Parking garages/entry gates

Our access control solutions can be as simple as a single door system up to multiple buildings with thousands of doors spread over the country.

Types of Access Control System We Offers

Web-Based Access Control

Since they require no PC or hard drive, web based access control systems are extremely flexible and can dramatically grow with your company. Security administrators can manage their access control system from anywhere with internet access.

High-Tech Solutions

We offer a range of access control systems, from modest systems that use proximity cards, to the most sophisticated biometric systems that use hand geometry, fingerprint and facial recognition.

Administrative Assistance

Running a business is hard work. Let us take some of the stress off of you by taking over the administrative work or your access system, such as changing user permissions.

Open/Close Reports

We can run reports that will inform you what time your employees are coming and going, and who’s accessing specific areas at specific times.

Why Managed Access Control?

How much time each day do you spend managing your employee access?

With Managed Access Control, you replace keys with card readers, keypads, or fingerprint readers.

  • Instantly add and delete access cards – whether an employee loses a badge or changes their name.
  • Administer and manage your card database and backup.
  • Issue cards and photo ID badges.
  • Create and provide customized reports on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Manage visitor activity.
  • Manage door and holiday schedules.

Access Control Systems Offer

  • Single door to unlimited door solutions
  • Single building to multi-building facilities
  • PC based or web-based control of systems
  • Smart card technology and biometric readers
  • User-friendly software
  • Every business, no matter the size, can take advantage of the benefits of access control.
Door Access Control System

Go Keyless! Restrict Or Deny Access To Unauthorized Individuals

As a small business owner, you work very hard at making your business successful. How does card access help you better operate your business?

In speaking with many small business owners, they don’t want the hassle of distributing keys to their employees. Keys get lost and are duplicated without authorization. There is little control over who has access to your business and when.

That is why Allied offers a perfect solution for a small business owner; we offer affordable access control solutions that are installed as a single door stand-alone solution or as part of a larger more flexible system that is controlled by software. Either system type allows you to grant access to employees, vendors, etc., in certain areas, at certain times, and on certain days.

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