There are various types of HD cameras available for securing your business. In today’s society, surveillance –plays a huge part, as cameras are all around us. They ensure higher levels of security each day. It is important to protect your home or business region from being vandalized, which makes it vital to invest in a security camera and First Digital Surveillance is here to help you with that. However, there is a wide variety of cameras available according to different situations and applicability.

Types of HD Security Cameras in Store

Let us discuss some different types of HD cameras that are unique and suitable for your venues.

PTZ Security Cameras

The PTZ camera is a pan, tilt, and zoom camera that allow the camera to move in both left and right direction. This camera can also move in up and down direction, also allowing the zoom feature in the lens. These cameras help in circumstances where a surveillance specialist or guard is responsible for operating these security systems. The PTZ cameras also include high-quality image resolution, 200m IR night vision, and X36 optical zoom. It can zoom on objects closely so that you can identify them. It can also move and tilt 360 degrees. Users can use these HD cameras to detect the facial features of a person, and hence track a burglar or a robber.

2MP Security Cameras

The 2-megapixel cameras are responsible to provide a 1080p resolution image that is the same as the quality of Blu-ray. The 2MP cameras are the most economical security cameras in HD quality. The 2MP cameras are available in two types:

  • IP HD Cameras of 1080P
  • HDCVI Cameras of 1080P

These capturing of video from these cameras provide facial recognition at 80 degrees viewing angle and up to 30 feet. Besides, users can magnify the recorded videos to see particular objects. 2MP cameras are popular for home monitoring to date due to their ability to be good for face recognition and car plate. These HD cameras are affordable and provide much friendlier bandwidth.