About Us

First Digital Surveillance is a trusted surveillance camera installation provider in Los Angeles and its surroundings. We provide CCTV Security Cameras Installation, Video surveillance camera installation, Remote Cameras Monitoring, Wireless Security Cameras, Hidden, Covet, Nanny Cameras in Los Angeles and its surroundings. We also repair existing CCTV Security Cameras Systems.

At First Digital Surveillance we can also help you get your existing CCTV Security Cameras System online or to Analyze and a state of art 1080P HD CCTV Security Cameras System with Remote Cameras Access at an affordable price. We also offer monthly payment plans and maintenance agreements to our clients.

We are located in Los Angeles with over 3,500+ satisfied customers in California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Michigan, Chicago & many other locations. We have two locations to serve your needs Downtown Los Angeles and Torrance.

Having served the Greater Los Angeles area since 1999, First Digital Surveillance’s team of licensed field technicians has successfully completed the installation of well over 1000 business and home surveillance systems. Whether it is a commercial, a residential, an office, or an industrial space, Los Angeles CCTV Security Cameras has established itself as a trusted name in surveillance security systems. Just read our Yelp reviews from satisfied customers.

Professional and punctual, you can rely on First Digital Surveillance to service your security systems needs. First Digital Surveillance specializes in:

  • Installation of security systems and video surveillance cameras.
  • Configuration of CCTV and Security Cameras remote monitoring and recording accessible via an internet connection.
  • Development of security systems suited specifically towards warehouses and or office spaces.
  • Implementation of CCTV security cameras as a means of project monitoring of construction sites and customer observation in retail spaces.
About Us - CCTV Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles

Why Our Service

First Digital Surveillance has been installing Top quality CCTV Security Cameras since 1999. We strive to suggest the best setup for our clients and in most cases, we customize our system to meet your needs. We provide clean and professional CCTV Security Cameras installation.

At First Digital Surveillance we love helping our clients get most out of their security systems, electronic gadgets, network and wireless systems.

No project is small or too big for us at First Digital Surveillance; we also offer other low voltage services like Home Automation, Access Control (Card Reader Access), Burglar Alarm, Intercom System, Wi-Fi, Point of sale, surround sound, Home Theater, Networking etc.

We love to call ourselves “PRO” in this field, I’m sure you’ll agree with us when you see us in action. We handle every difficult installation with a careful approach and come up with new ideas for a particular job.

Give us a call today, and we would be happy to work with you and provide you the best service that you deserve.