High-End Thermal Temperature Camera Solutions

The Body Temperature Monitoring Solution is capable of identifying individuals with an elevated temperature. With a built-in AI algorithm, it can monitor multiple people from a distance of 9.8 ft away and 4.3 ft wide, enabling fast assessment without personal contact.

Our elevated body temperature thermal camera works for hand in hand with the blackbody calibration device and a state-of-the-art AI NVR delivering a non-contact solution for continuous and non-invasive comparison of human skin temperature compared to the blackbody device. This technology enables fast detection of elevated skin temperatures captured in conjunction with the customizable blackbody calibration device.

This elevated body temperature solution is not a medical device and is not for diagnosis or treatment of any disease. It is a screening tool that businesses and households can use to identify individuals with elevated skin temperature as a reference for entering the premises.

Why FDS Body Thermal Temperature Measurement Solution?

High Accuracy

Accuracy Measurement Temperature : ±3℃

High Efficiency

Camera Efficiency Improved by 800%

Measurement Safe & Contactless

Maximum Measurement Distance: 3M

Multi-Target Measurement

Up to 35 targets detection at the same time

Mask Detection

Face mask detection accuracy: >95%

Solution Topology

  1. Accurate temperature monitoring
  2. Fast screening without personal contact
  3. Monitoring of multiple people at the same time for greater efficiency
  4. Visual alert when abnormal results are detected

Elevated Body Temperature Camera

Human Temperature Measurement Device


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What are Thermal Cameras?

Building performance is a very crucial factor for commercial and institutional facilities. The maintenance managers and engineers are making efforts to help the technicians in all possible ways to monitor any troubleshooting tasks in the buildings. Efforts are concentrated on thermal or infrared imaging.

Thermal cameras or thermal imaging cameras are now emerging viable and cost-effective tools for technicians. With the help of these high-end thermal camera solutions, organizations and facilities can avoid building performance problems, which will lead to costly repairs and replacements.

Thermal cameras are handheld electronic devices, specifically designed for the detection of heat energy, which displays visually on the screen integrated into them. The heat sensor is the main component of these cameras, attached with a special type of lens, and its functionality depends on the principles of the standard image capturing techniques.

How Thermal Cameras Work?

Thermal cameras can show warmer objects. These objects usually display a yellow-orange hue that becomes sharper as the object gets warmer. The colder objects show with a hue of blue or purple color.

The Infrared wavelength starts from 700 nanometers and expands to approximately 1milimeter. The thermal cameras use this infrared energy to produce thermal images. These cameras work when a beam of infrared light falls on the lens and moves towards the set of detectors. It creates a thermogram, which transforms into electrical signals and converts into thermal images that are visible and easy to interpret.

High-End Thermal Temperature Camera

These high-end thermal cameras are designed with efficiency improved by 800%. They can detect temperature without personal contact and can measure the temperature at a maximum distance of 3m. They can effectively monitor or detect up to 35 targets at the same time.

High-End Thermal Temperature Camera Solution

This high-end thermal camera solution provides a hybrid thermal network camera that integrates a sensor of Vanadium oxide with a visible light sensor (2MP). The thermal camera maintains a constant temperature as a reference point, thus providing a blackbody calibration device. A thermal camera together with a blackbody calibration device and a recorder provides a solution for uninterrupted and continuous monitoring of temperature, without personal contact.

The technology of Human Body Temperature Measurement allows quick and appropriate detection of abrupt changes in body temperature. They can also be helpful in the prevention of viral diseases. The high-end thermal camera solution detects elevated body temperatures in different environments such as office buildings, hospitals, clinics, airports, or at any huge gathering location.