HD-IP Cameras




HD-IP Cameras are a type of video camera, which records data and sends them to a local area network automatically. Most of the time, people use them as CCTV Security for the recording of video footage. The special thing about these is that you can use them for the setting of different alarms and other features. However to use these features and for other recording and video footage the need of a Network Video Recorder is important as NVR is the one who manages all the back end functions of it. HD-IP Cameras automatically send video data to a local area network so that no data is lost if something happens. Make the right choice with First Digital Surveillance.

Types of HD-IP Cameras

We at CCTVInstallation-losangeles.com have four different types of high-quality HD-IP Cameras available.

4MP Cameras

4MP Cameras are a type of HD-IP Cameras, which offers a high quality of video than normal 2MP, or 1080P Cameras. They record in a higher definition than 2MP cameras. They are a security camera, which allows you to records the faces of people in a very high definition. You should make sure to stick these cameras in a specific place because they are very useful in finding out the facial features of intruders and identifying them.

PTZ Camera

The PTZ camera is a type of camera that allows the camera to move in both left and right directions. This camera can also move in up and down direction, also allowing the zoom feature in the lens. These cameras help in circumstances where a surveillance specialist or guard is responsible for operating these security systems. It can zoom on objects closely so that you can identify them. It can also move and tilt 360 degrees.

Wi-Fi HD-IP Cameras

Wi-Fi HD-IP Cameras are commonly used IP Cameras in most CCTV Security Operations. The special thing about Wi-Fi HD-IP Cameras is that they send video footage to a live video stream so that your footage can be available to you at all times without any trouble on any device possible.