How Remote Monitoring System is Better than Traditional CCTV System

How Remote Monitoring System is Better than Traditional CCTV System

Let us begin with the basics to explain why remote monitoring systems like CCTV cameras are better than the traditional or old school cameras of the past.

What is Remote Monitoring System?

The Remote Monitoring System is a system in which users can monitor CCTV cameras remotely. It comprises an alarm system along with video footage as evidence. Some professionals are constantly watching the footage of your CCTV cameras, from a remote station. If any criminal tries to do any suspicious activity, the system detects the activity.

The security professionals will become active on hearing the alarm and will review the footage. If there is an intruder observed in the footage, they will quickly call the key holder and police. Moreover, this system also benefits you by giving an audible warning to the thief, which can help stop the crime.

Using Remote Monitoring System, you have the option to monitor your home or business 24/7 or just at some particular time. Thus, providing you a better chance to catch the culprit and prevent the crime.

How does A Remote Monitoring System work?

Internet connection is the key component in the installation of a remote monitoring system. The footage from the strategically located cameras transmits to the remote station with the help of an internet connection. The security professionals constantly keep watching this footage on the screens in front of them to find and detect any unusual activity.

If any suspicious activity occurs, it shows on the screen. Moreover, you can zoom in on the live video as well as move it to change the angle to capture a clear picture of the intruder. It is then becoming impossible for the criminal to hide anywhere in the house.

The next step taken by the security professionals is to call the police station. The keyholder or the owner of the property gets a call. In an attempt to prevent the thief from any action before the arrival of the police or the owner, people watching can warn the thief audibly to leave the house as soon as possible.

Remote Monitoring System versus Traditional CCTV System

You can say that a traditional CCTV system is just a reactive system, which means these systems only function to record the footage rather than stopping criminal activity. A CCTV camera visible plays its role only in deterring the intruders. However, some criminals can simply break into a house or office by covering their face, leaving no real evidence behind. While the remote monitoring system makes sure that, someone is watching over your shoulder and protecting you all the time.

Such an extensive monitoring system will also help you from spending money to replace any missing or damaged property in your house or office. With the help of this system, you can also keep track of every movement of the intruders. Once they come into the range of cameras installed on your property, security professionals watch them carefully. At the glimpse of the culprit, the police or the emergency services get an alert in real-time. On the other hand, it may take several hours to call the police or someone to take notice of the happening with traditional CCTV cameras installed.

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