5 reasons you should have a CCTV security system

5 reasons you should have a CCTV security system

CCTV installation has become quite a common practice in the recent years across regions. In USA alone, there are around 50 million CCTVs operating 24/7. For homes particularly, CCTV installation provide an added crust of security. The extra enhanced security stipulates peace of mind by providing reassuring the monitoring of your home security regardless of your presence or not. We will share 5 reasons you should have a CCTV security system in place.

Reduce crime

There have been various studies which have provide evidence that having a CCTV camera installed in your home or on your property can have a huge impact on the security of your house and effectively results in the decline of crime rate. The reason behind this is that why would any burglar want to break in to a house and get caught knowing that there are CCTVs present. Usually, it has been noticed that trespassers or robbers tend to avoid properties where they might be looked on camera and get caught.

Discourage workmen, thugs & vandals

We want to emphasize the fact that CCTVs won’t completely stop break-ins or thefts from a property, however it will dissuade and discourage such criminals.

Thugs and vandals like to break property and damage belongings of general public with the idea of simple having an adventure or an adrenaline rush. They do it for the sake of frittering away time. Having said that, they are mindful enough not to destroy of damage a property of someone who has CCTV camera installed. They will not even risk cutting CCTV cable in the fear of getting recognized in case there is chance of conviction. Similarly having tradesmen or technicians working away at your property while you are away on a holiday will be discouraged to even execute any malice since they are aware of being watched.

Remote access

As you may possibly expect, when a house is usually vacant or there is no one present in the house, that’s when most of robberies happen. With the live streaming of surveillance videos, you can leave the house without having to worry. Now with the advancements in technology, one can easily monitor the activities around the house while being miles away. The live stream can be accessed from your cell phone, tablet or even a desktop.

Insurance benefit

The premium that you shell out for the insurance of your house significantly depends on the overall security. You will end up paying a reasonably smaller amount of premium if you have a sought out security system installed at your premises. Though we all have locks but if you enhance your security by having intruder alarms, high security locks on windows, your expense towards insurance premium will be less expensive. In addition to this, the charges tend to reduce further if you have a complete CCTV system intact. Insurance agencies will realize that your house is monitored consistently and any intruders or burglars will be discouraged.

Affordable maintenance

There is a little of no maintenance one the CCTV system is installed. Supposing that the purchase you have made is for high quality CCTV system that has durable cameras and storage system with latest technology intact, besides cleaning the lens of the camera, there is little else that you’ll have to do to keep everything organized. The low maintenance cost make up for the high investment that you do upfront during the purchase