cctvinstallation losangeles is a market leader in integrated IT solutions and security systems in the losangeles, offering optimal, integrated solutions to corporate and individual clients. We have a long track record of delivering dynamic management solutions and cutting-edge technology solutions in the field of IT, LV and Security Systems with extra emphasis on product quality and customer support.

Benefits of getting your CCTV installed by us

  • Fully trained and accredited CCTV Installers
  • The Losangeles leading CCTV retailer
  • Buy your CCTV kit and book a set up at the same time
  • Competitive pricing and custom quotes
  • CCTV installation available across the Losangeles


Are you considering buying a new CCTV system? Or have you just bought a CCTV system and now you’re wondering how to install it?

Take the hassle out of installing CCTV cameras with our professional CCTV installation service.


Whether you need help setting up traditional CCTV cameras, assistance with wireless cameras, or support with configuring a DVR, we can help.

We’ve teamed up with professional CCTV installers Total Support Group (TSG) to get you up and running with your new CCTV system quickly and easily.


We are Los Angeles # 1 CCTV Installation Company. With over 1,000 CCTV installations under our belt and our customers rating our installation service 9/10, we offer a truly exceptional service.

We know everything there is to know about CCTV camera installation, and you can trust us to install yours perfectly.


If you’re looking to buy a CCTV kit for your home or office, why not get it somewhere that can install it too?

Our security camera installation service saves you the hassle of installing it yourself, and means you don’t have to spend hours trying to find a trusted installer to do it for you.

Choose convenience and get the whole package – product and installation – in one place.

We do more with CCTV Installation

  • We work out the best places to put the CCTV cameras
  • We route the cables
  • We install your CCTV kit or components for you
  • We set up your DVR system
  • We demonstrate the basic functions
  • We set up your phone or tablet to allow you to view footage through them


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