Things to Consider for Best Outdoor IP Cameras

In the early 1940s, CCTVs were specifically used for military rocket observations and later got popular in the commercial market around the 1990s. Since then there have been continual progress with innovating the technology of CCTVs. With rapid developments, CCTVs improved from being analog to digital. Digital cameras are also known as IP cameras. These are great to use for remote CCTV monitoring services as it works like a compact computing machine that captures the image and transfers it through its IP address over Local area network digitally. In simple words, you can continue to monitor your premises from anywhere remotely. Once you have an IP camera installed, you will not have to worry about what is going on in the vicinity of your home or businesses. Since IP cameras are essential for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, buying a quality IP camera is a task. That is why we have summarized a few things one must consider before buying the best outdoor IP cameras.


Although IP cameras can be used for both indoors and outdoors, however, if you are considering to buy an outdoor IP camera; you must ensure to get one that has high durability. The reason for an IP camera to have higher durability is because outdoor cameras have to endure weather fluctuations. In some regions, there could be rain followed by snow the same day! If your IP camera is not high quality, then all your money spent can go vain. In order to avoid that, it is advisable to purchase quality IP cameras from reliable companies such as first digital surveillance.

Higher Resolution:

Having an outdoor IP camera with higher resolution is just as important as higher durability. Higher resolution offers better video quality especially when zooming in to a targeted subject. In the event of an unfortunate incident occurring outside your premises, it is most likely that authorities may refer to video footage from your camera for collecting evidence. To avoid going through the agony of not being able to identify suspects due to foggy image, installing a higher resolution outdoor IP camera is always a good idea.

Noise Ratio:

The performance of a quality outdoor IP camera is also determined by its signal-to-noise ratio. What is means is that when a video frame has darker areas, the noise compression will brighten up those darker patches. There are numerous cameras that are only able to present a clear image only when the real time environment is well lit up. This cannot always be the case, as the outdoor brightness may vary due to multiple fluctuations in weather or environment.

Compression Algorithm:

Another important aspect to consider before buying an outdoor IP camera is its image coding and compression algorithm. Even if an IP camera is High definition but if its compression algorithm is not good, it will end up displaying wrinkly or wavy output in high movement frames. There are primarily two types of compression chips available in the market, DSP and ASIC. Depending upon the preference of either higher coding efficiency or flexibility, one of the either two can be purchased.

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