Simple Tips to Make Your Home Safer

Technology has always played a role in improving our lives one way or another. One of the most important things to any homeowner is the safety of their property. Nobody wants any misfortune incident to happen either inside or outside. Whether a burglary or vandalism, everyone wants their home and family to always remain protected. Staying away from home always gets people worried on what could possibly be going on in or around their houses. Though remote CCTV monitoring services can provide reassurance, but there is more that you could do.

Furthermore, it is always recommended to utilize the services of a trustworthy and reliable company for CCTV installation. There are numerous suppliers out there in the market, but we always suggest going for a company that you can always trust, such as first digital surveillance.

Besides this, one might question on what more can they do to protect their homes? In this article, we will outline a few other things that you can do to keep your homes safe.


This is probably the first thing that people consider when it comes to securing their homes, deterring criminals or intruders. There are various methods besides CCTVs through which you can deter intruders. One of the most common ways is to have a pet dog. This is one of the many effective ways people have been using since forever! No intruder would like a dog bite! Putting up a warning sign such as “Beware of the Dog – enter at your own risk” can also do the trick.

Changing Door and Window Locks:

This is another way of securing your house especially if you are moving into a new property. The first thing that you must do is to change the door and window locks of your residence because you may not know If the old resident still has a copy of the keys or not. In fact, windows are usually the point of entry for most intruders. These days smart locks are quite popular, and we suggest you to invest into them.

Motion Activated lights:

No intruder would like to get into a house where they are suddenly put into the spotlight. Motion activated lights serve the same purpose. They get switched on as soon as any movement is detected. Having well-lit outdoors will definitely keep the intruders away. In addition to this, you can always fix a timer on your outdoor lights. As soon as it gets dark, a timer will set on the lights.

Secure your Garage:

People often tend to overlook the security of garages. In fact, windows and garages both are the prime entry points for burglars or intruders. Having your garage secured in multiple ways will complement the overall safety of your house. Installing smart locks, extra locks or even having an automated feature for the garage door can add to security.

Secure your Wi-Fi:

If your house consists of various smart locks that are connected to your router, then your Wi-Fi network must be protected as well. Concealing your Wi-Fi, implementing encryption are a few ways in which you can reduce the vulnerability of intruding.

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