Reasons to Spend a Bit more on HD CCTV Security System:

The upsurge of digital technology has resulted in the developments of CCTV security systems and CCTV installation services as well. The rise in the need for various surveillance objectives has initiated the shift from standard definition CCTV cameras to High definition CCTV cameras. High definition security cameras primarily ensure better quality of video footage resulting in the targeted subject to be more identifiable. It can be utilized for both evidential and preventive reasons.

Though some oppose the idea of installing an HD CCTV due to the costs involved, but in this article, we will elaborate on 5 reasons why you should consider spending more on HD CCTV security system

Enhanced Recognition:

From the name itself, it is obvious that HD stands for high definition. How exasperating of an experience it could turn out to be when your CCTV footage has been referred to for identification of a criminal, and it turns out to be blur! This agony could be avoided by switching from a traditional CCTV security system to an HD CCTV security system. Besides this, it is also useful when it comes to facial recognition of more than one person within a single slot. Without a doubt, HD CCTVs aid is fast and easy recognition.

Easier Relocation:

Imagine you are moving into a new apartment with modern facilities, and you want to migrate your CCTV system to the new premises. New properties these days are well-equipped with high quality IP networks, and it gets easier to integrate an HD CCTVs into a local LAN in comparison to the standard CCTV systems. From cameras to LAN, there is no requirement to alter security.

Easy Installation:

Some people tend to assume that since it is an HD CCTV, the installation may be a bit complicated when in reality it is not. You are not required to separately utilize the services of specifically trained HD installation experts. Generally, companies that provide CCTV products and installation services do have trained staff to do that job such as first digital surveillance. HD CCTV security system is installed the same way as the standard surveillance system.

Installation Expense:

Another assumption people often make is that since it is high definition equipment, installation cost will be higher than compared to the conventional CCTV security system. It is important to note that though HD cameras may be a bit higher in price – and that being due to the improved technology, but the costs involved in installation and maintenance of them is the same as that of standard CCTVs. For the long run in fact, the costs associated with HD CCTVs and the returns that you get from better footage cannot be compared.

 No lag time on live-streaming:

HD CCTVs deliver live streams of the footage not only in high quality but with zero lag time. With standard CCTVs there is a lag time and in places where live stream is highly required such as banks, malls and other institutions where finance is involved; lag times have to be zero. In addition to this, there is no noise in the picture frames and there is an overall lower pixel burst when a frame or an object is zoomed in.