Make your Business Premises more Secure with CCTV Security System

Make your business premises more secure with CCTV security system

CCTVs have become an integral part when it comes to security and protection of our homes and work places. IT has been often stated that with the help of CCTV installation, there have been reduction in the number of crimes being carried out. Additionally, they also act as tool in crime prevention. There has been a lot of studies showing evident results that usually neighbourhoods that are well equipped with CCTV cameras experienced less crime rates in comparison to the communities that were not. The importance of CCTV in this era cannot be denied albeit for home or businesses. In this article, we will be going different methods that can be used to protect your business premises with CCTV security systems:

Securing entrances

Securing the entrances and dead spots are the prime location to install a CCTV. There are a lot of businesses such as hotels, retail stores and restaurants etc that usually consist of a back door exiting to further dead spots. Dead spots can be regarded as a criminal’s favourite spot and for this reason, installing a CCTV system both at the front and back door is equally important. It will not only equip you with storing the recorded surveillance video for evidence, but it provides protection to the staff with live stream that they can look into prior to giving any unknown person inside access.

Securing POS and cash counters

Are you worries about staff giving away free drinks without registering them, or fear of getting your money lifted by someone, securing your cash counters with CCTVs is the best way to protect your hard cash. Any person with common sense will avoid lifting cash from the POS if they know they are being watched. In case someone still goes ahead and steals it, the surveillance video can always act as a supporting evidence to corner the burglar.

Monitoring behaviors

Installing CCTVs provide a bird’s eye view to actually get to know on what are your employees up to when you are not around. Besides this, in the event of conflict between two employees, CCTV footage always facilitates with the actual sequence of events to identify culprit. The interests of employees and their conduct towards each other can be monitored by installing cameras in general areas and staff rooms.

Monitor storage rooms

CCTV installation will deter any staff who might be stealing stock when they think nobody is looking, or can draw attention on individuals who stock up on organization bought pens, paper and printer cartridges for individual use.

In addition to this, if a store room is located in a hidden spot it enhances security of employee who go to store rooms to take a stock check while helping you monitor on the people entering storage rooms.

Insurance premium

A lot of insurance premium that you pay out for your business fundamentally relies upon the general security. The pay-out will be sensibly more modest if your premises is well secured and protected. The general protection includes high security locks on windows and doors but with the installation of Close circuit security equipment such as cameras, CCTV cables, DVR and monitor, your cost towards protection premium will be more affordable. Insuring organizations will understand that your property is reliably equipped with all the possible measure to deter any intruders.