How wired CCTV Systems are Way Better than Wireless CCTV Systems

How wired CCTV systems are way better than wireless CCTV systems

Before exploring the topic of which system is better, let us first understand what makes a CCTV system wired or wireless? A combination of control unit with sensors enable viewing or recording of what is happening in vicinity via mobile of cabled connection is what a usual CCTV network consists of.

It totally depends on your requirements whether or not you will employ a wired or wireless CCTV. Specific features provide advantages to each of these framework individually.  For instance, wired CCTV installation provides enhance reliability, whereas wireless systems are easier to install with less CCTV cables.

Ease of installation and the operational functionalities are the two factors that defines whether wired or wireless CCTV system is suitable than the other.

However, we will be looking at factors with which we are able to determine how wired CCTV installation is better than its counterpart.


The reason why wired CCTVs are considered reliable in comparison to wireless CCTVs is because the connection is never disrupted. If an incident occurs where you lose your internet connectivity, you will not be worried about the security of surveillance videos of your property. On the contrary, wireless CCTV systems rely upon Wi-Fi to stay operational, you can expect to lose connectivity to you live stream in case of a frail Wi-Fi signal or if your Wi-Fi connection gets dropped due to climatic mishaps.

Thus, to avoid interrupted live streams and maintain stable transmission, wired CCTVs are preferable.

Risk free

Imagine you are on a holiday or away from home and your CCTV’s control panel gets hacked. This is the best feeling to have when you take time away from home to relax. Hacking of wireless CCTVs is possible that can seize connections with a gadget’s IP address, putting individuals, their properties, security and information in danger. An IP address can, without much of a stretch, give a passage to a whole organization, empowering anybody with vindictive purpose to delete all your data or even damage your hard disk storage with viruses. Hence, wired CCTV’s are comparatively ideal as there is no risk of hacking since all the connections are secured with cables.

No electromagnetic interference

Wireless CCTVs function much the same as Wi-Fi switches, routers or cellphones, as their operations may get disrupted due to overlapping of signals or electromagnetic interference. Due to this, your sensor may end up sending you hoax alarms or respond in a preposterous manner. There are many types of interferences, electromagnetic interference can be occurred due to different devices and gadgets such as microwaves, electrical cables or even baby monitors. While there are other forms of interferences that comes from dividers, floors, roofs, or things like metal file organizers, which are known as structural interferences.

With wired CCTV connections, you will not be worried about either of electromagnetic or structural disruptions.

Limited coverage

Wireless CCTV systems are able to cover limited amount of area as the range of Wi-Fi signals is limited. Thus the size of the area that it is able to cover is restricted. Consequently, they are not ideal for bigger properties and are by and large suggested for smaller areas such as apartments etc. On the other hand, wired CCTV cameras are a better option for the coverage of larger areas or properties due to the cabled connectivity. Though it may be costlier but it does provide a solution to better coverage with its extendibility.