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Things to Consider for Best Outdoor IP Cameras

In the early 1940s, CCTVs were specifically used for military rocket observations and later got popular in the commercial market around the 1990s. Since then there have been continual progress with innovating the technology of CCTVs. With rapid developments, CCTVs improved from being analog to digital. Digital cameras are also known as IP cameras. These […]

Reasons to Spend a Bit more on HD CCTV Security System:

The upsurge of digital technology has resulted in the developments of CCTV security systems and CCTV installation services as well. The rise in the need for various surveillance objectives has initiated the shift from standard definition CCTV cameras to High definition CCTV cameras. High definition security cameras primarily ensure better quality of video footage resulting […]

5 reasons you should have CCTV security system

CCTV security systems are found everywhere these days such as houses, malls, public places or workplaces. CCTV installation service essentially is a process where video cameras broadcast and record video footage to either a monitor or an application for viewing. The idea behind installing a CCTV is to prevent any criminal activity or be able […]

Things to consider while installing CCTV system at home

Things to consider while installing CCTV system at home CCTV is the abbreviation for Closed Circuit Television. CCTV cameras are the advanced answer for your security needs. An ever increasing number of individuals are purchasing CCTV cameras these days to monitor their properties and homes while CCTV installation can be found in banks, medical clinics, […]

Make your Business Premises more Secure with CCTV Security System

Make your business premises more secure with CCTV security system CCTVs have become an integral part when it comes to security and protection of our homes and work places. IT has been often stated that with the help of CCTV installation, there have been reduction in the number of crimes being carried out. Additionally, they […]

How wired CCTV Systems are Way Better than Wireless CCTV Systems

How wired CCTV systems are way better than wireless CCTV systems Before exploring the topic of which system is better, let us first understand what makes a CCTV system wired or wireless? A combination of control unit with sensors enable viewing or recording of what is happening in vicinity via mobile of cabled connection is […]