A Look at Wall Mounted Security Cameras

We all are aware that in the recent times, installing a CCTV camera has become a common practice. Having a CCTV though does provide protection and in some cases it acts as a prevention measure as well. If an unfortunate incident does happen, CCTVs are useful in identifying criminals and can aid in prosecution.

Considering the importance of CCTVs role in regards to the safety and protection of properties, it is also essential to note that getting the right CCTV and placing it in the right location cannot be overlooked. Mounting of the CCTVs in the right location determines the area of coverage and provides reassurance in remote CCTV monitoring services. Having said that when buying a wall mounted security cameras, attention must be paid to the attributes related to the wall mounts. In the case if you are buying wall mounts separately, the following are the factors that you must consider prior to making the purchase:


You don’t purchase CCTVs keeping in mind that they will be replaced every year. Usually quality security cameras last up to ten years or even longer subject to regular maintenance. Considering the fore-mentioned information, if you are buying an individual wall mount, you need to make sure that the wall mounting component is exceptionally durable. Apart from durability, wall mount should be able to support and provide firm base for the weight of the camera. Hence, getting yourself CCTVs and other components from professional companies, such as first digital surveillance, is essential. Anything that is substandard will not last as long as good quality equipment.


Moving on, if your CCTV does not come with a wall mount, and you have no choice but to buy individual ones, then one important aspect that you must check is the compatibility. For instance, wall mounts designed for dome cameras cannot be used for boxed cameras for obvious reasons. Wall mounts are designed for dedicated camera types i.e. wall mounts are design specific. This information can be taken from the CCTV supplier. A CCTV camera supplier will be able to provide guidance with regard to the type of wall mount that is associated with a specific CCTV camera device.


Although in most cases you won’t have to incur additional expenses to buy a wall mount, however, in case if you do have to end up buying a wall mount; it is important to note that these are not costly. You don’t have to spend a fortune in buying wall mounts. There are various suppliers out there that also sell these in bulk that further turns out to be cost-effective.

Advantages of wall mounts:

Though there are various type of CCTV mounts available in the market such are ceiling mount, pole mounts, outdoor corner mounts, and outdoor corner mounts, but wall mounted cameras, in particularly, have significant advantages. By mounting cameras to the side of a wall facilitates the ease of switching the camera angle and oversee the area that was earlier not in the coverage. This can be done by utilizing extensions to equip camera movement.