5 reasons you should have CCTV security system

CCTV security systems are found everywhere these days such as houses, malls, public places or workplaces. CCTV installation service essentially is a process where video cameras broadcast and record video footage to either a monitor or an application for viewing. The idea behind installing a CCTV is to prevent any criminal activity or be able to identify criminals in case of an incident occurrence. In fact, over the past decade, crime rates alone in the USA have reduced. Having a CCTV is a reliable measure for protection for home or workplace.

Since it has become quite common to have a CCTV installed, and you might be considering to buy one too. For that purpose, we have outlined 5 reasons on why you should have CCTV security system installed.


Imagine travelling away from home with a constant thought haunting your mind, “is my house protected”. Don’t we all have the same thought? But to avoid that, we need some kind of reassurance that is only possible with CCTV installed in our premises. When you know you can view what’s going on in your house in a matter of a few clicks, you will definitely be relieved. Being able to view your home or workplace security at any time and from any part of the world is surely a benefit.

Impeding criminals:

According to a study, CCTVs aided in reducing the crime up to 16%. Besides statistics, it deters criminals or intruders simply due to the fact that their identity will be revealed. Who would want to risk revealing their identity and get on a trial. In addition to this, some property owners highlight signs that specify “CCTV in operation”.

Minimal maintenance:

CCTVs are the most affordable form of protective measures that you may want for your property. For instance, having a CCTV security system will incur the most expense only in the beginning while after that it is the usual maintenance cost that can be done by expert service providers such as first digital surveillance. Whereas, employing a full time security personnel could turn out to be more costly.

Help identify criminals:

It is important to note that CCTV cameras not only help in deterring criminals, but these can play a vital role in identifying them. In scenarios where unpleasant incidents such as robberies or vandalism do occur, the criminals can be taken to trial with CCTV footage as a proof. Besides this, if an incident occurs outside your property or around your house, your CCTV recorded footage will help the legal entities with prosecution.

Reduction of insurance premium:

Last but not the least having CCTV installed in your premises will result in reducing the insurance premium. This is due to the fact that CCTVs are associated with crime prevention and a property with a CCTV camera is less likely to get intruded into. Thus, insurance companies deem it as a property that is less likely to make a claim. In addition to this, if your property falls prey to a criminal activity; having a CCTV footage can aid in accelerating your claim. While there are various other reasons as well such as providing protection to employees and encouraging honesty amongst staff – are a few more reasons that makes it imperative to have a CCTV security system.